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The Guest Room, which is next to the Farm Shop, is located behind the iron green door near the pool, just before the stairs to the laundry.

The Guest Room, adorned with antique and beautiful pots and pans, is a kind of small culinary museum.
They are the old kitchen accessories our grandmothers and aunts used until the last few decades.

In this room there is a computer connected to the Internet, Tuscan and Italian city maps, tourist guides, books in various languages, playing cards and board games.

Everything is available and everything can be borrowed.
Please remember that it's a shared room and to follow the common sense room: some things have been kindly left by other guests, 
who may have preferred to bring home one of our products instead of the book they read at Corboli's.

At guests' disposal there is also a fountain of fresh water dispensing fizzy water, fresh water or at room temperature.
Water is drinkable in every house, this fountain is recommended to limit the consumption of plastic bottles.
In every house there are jugs or glass bottles that can be used.

The free WiFi service, covers almost the entire apartments area. 
Unfortunately the thickness of the walls and the fact that they are made of stones, sometimes the signal is slow and it's not always able to cover all the devices that are connected.
In this regard, please ask us to reset the router.

The Farm Shop is right next to the Guests room.
It shows all our farm products or other local products: Carmignano wines, goat and local pecorino cheeses, 
Prato craft beers, honey, extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan pasta and much more.

If you are looking for fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables from our garden, feel free to ask us to reserve it.

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