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We met this breed some years ago.
We have been amused by the true and genuine taste of its meats, roasted meatscompletely different from the one of the white common pigs.
Therefore, we decided to breed these unique animalsaware of the fact that it was not cheap, but satisfying.

The Cinta Senese pig is a medium size animalblack skinnednot so thick 
black bristles, and a characteristic pink (white) stripe (like a belt, actually) that surrounds the chest, shoulders, withers and forelegs. 

The snout is more elongated and narrow than other breeds of pigs, an adaptation to a more rustic way of lifetail plume of bristles at the bottom is almost always carriedwith no curls.
The food consists mainly of tubersroots and organic material of the turf.
The ears are smalldirected forward and a little 'below, to cover his eyes from the brambles and brush.

With seven centuries of history behind it and for a long time after risking extinction, the Cinta Senese pig can claim the recognition, at national levelthe Protected Designation of Origin (DOP).

For more than 10 years, we are breeding with experience and satisfaction these wonderful pigsenjoying gastronomic success, congratulations and personal appreciationfrom our customers.

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